zondag 13 april 2014

Pastel all the way.

Hey there lovely readers

It's probably not a secret for you guys that every spring and summer seasonn pastel colours are back in fashion. I tried it once, yellow pastel pants, but I didn't have anything to go with it. With one piece you can't do wrong and with the right accessoires you have a great outfit.
 I have a lot of dresses, that I frankly, never wear. I fell in love with this beautiful  dress at mango and I couldn't get it out of my head. So I thought why not, there will probably be an occasion to wear it anyway. At this moment it looks kind of pail on me, but hey, havn't seen any sun yet so don't judge ;)
And of course with a lovely dress belongs a statement necklace and some kick-ass pumps.

Hope you like it,

Love , D

Dress: Mango

statement necklace: Veritas

pumps: New look

clutch: Primark

vrijdag 11 april 2014

A whole new world.

Hey there lovely readers

A lot has happend since my last post, I've been very busy.
I've been working on my thesis for the a couple of weeks and I discoverd a new hobby.
Photography; more or less, urban exploring photography. It's been fun sharing a hobby with a friend en discovering new and abandoned places. I also been to Scotland, more specifically Edinburgh. Altough that hasn't been my favourite trip (It was an assignment for school).
Last but not least, I've started my internship at the fashion and beauty department of Feeling.
It's been really exciting, and I'm sure I've not seen the last of it.
Now I can focus again on fashion, something I'm truely interested in.

I've bougt a lot of new clothes, that I didn't have the time to show on the blog.
But just to give you a little teaser.
Below is a picture ( from instagram - sorry for the bad quality) from the stuff I bought at Primak in Edinburgh. Between the hours of hard work I was really happy to find out that Primark was open 't ill 9 p.m.
I told myself I few times that I wouldn't go back to Primark 't ill there's one in Ghent.
Well You know, we're waiting for ages now ( though There will be one at the vrijdagsmarkt before 2015).
The Primark in Liège isn't really big if you compare it to the one in London and yes, in Edinburgh. Four storey's of pure fashion loving. I just had two hours to look for some stuff and thank god I did.

Hope you like it.

Love D.

Black and white top, pyjama's with hot air balloons, Fake vans ( Also got 'm in red duh), Retro-looking pearl earrings, eyeliner I havn't used yet, statement necklace and yeah, cute little socks. 

woensdag 8 januari 2014

accessoires part 1

Dear Friends

After buying myself three new bags last week that looked very similar I thought It was time to clean up my closet. I knew I would have to make hard discisions to make. I had to throw away stuff I didn't wear for a year. I threw away 5 pair if shoes and 3 handbags. So, let's break it down,  I might have an addiction of buying shoes that I never wear, and I'm always using the same handbag even If i have 10 others in my closet.
I wanted to clean out all my accessoires, but I didn't have the courage to start on my necklaces, rings and my huge collection of earrings. That will be something you'll read on my next post.

I also sorted out mu diffrent scarfs and belts

An overview of what's left:

from left to right: black bag: Stylist's own, padded bag: vintage, checked bag: vintage, black big bag: marc b. , black bag with golden detail: new look, red bowling bag: guess
from top to bottom and left to right: crossbody new look, gift, hardcase crossbody: h&m, black with gold details: vintage, black padded: pieces, grey with gold details: gift, pink glitter: h&m

clutches: both primark

from top to bottom left to right: black peep toe pumps: new look: pink peep toe: can"t remeber, peeh peep toe: new yorker, colourfull pumps: fornarina: red pumps: flair, small boots: miss sixty, atmosphere, my all time favorites: new look, two pair of sneacker from primark, flat boots: can't remember, black pumps: new look, sandals: fornarina, sandals: a shop in brugge i can't remember the name of, flats: aldo
 I only wear my all time favorites from new look, the red sneakers to go to work, the miss sixty boots, the flat boots and the flats from aldo.

left to right: flowery: h&m, red flowers: primark, leopard:pieces, seconde leopard with gold details; primark, smalls flowers: girft, pink flowers: pieces, red and pink: h&m

pink and gold: primark, blue bow: cotton, gold bow: primark, black one: levi's, last one: also primark

Now what kind of accesoiries do you really need?

In my opinion, You only need three hanbags.
One for going to work or school, where you can put a lot of stuff in it.
Second one, a clutch for when you're going to dinner
and last but not least a crossbody bag for when you go dancing. I experienced that  going out with a clutch, is rather frustrating than handy.
a bag for work: Mango€  59,95

clutch: ASOS: € 38,36

crossbody: Zalando: Victoria Delef: € 39,95

And now for the shoes..

First of all, you need some flats for summers and springs, sandals for hot and sweaty days ( still flats)
then you need some black pumps, and some sneakers, cause we do need comfy shoes, and last but not least some boots to wear when it's cold.

flats:Tommy Hilfiger €47,95

pumps: noë: €120
sneakers: converse all stars € 54,40

boots: taupage: 99,95 available at zalando
sandals: asos: € 43,84

Scarfs: it helps to have all kind of scarves, in every colour for that matter, You'll understand why when it's freakin' cold outside, but it also gives every outfit another dimension.

p.s: You might have noticed that a lot of my basis accessoires are black, that is because I think black goes with everything. And I don't have anything in brown, so.

Hope you like it,
Love, D

zaterdag 28 december 2013

It's always sales at Primark

Dear Readers

I've been so caught up in schoolwork these last months that I didn't have the time to shop at all. (HORROR)
I've been waiting for primark to open in Ghent. I heard it was opening at the end of this year, but still no sign of that. After going to primark in London, The primark in Luik isn't just that big anymore. Eather way, I found a lot of new stuff at the shoppingcenter mediacité, where primark is situated in Luik.
I didn't want to wait for the sales ( even if it's only a few days ). In primark, it's always sales for that matter.
I made a list of all the things I really needed, cause when do you actually buy something that you really need... ahh Never. Well, I still needed a clutch to wear with my dress for new year's eve. But I wanted one with a strap on it. I bought one at primark, but there wasn't a strap on it, I kept saying to myself I would make my own strap on it so I bought it.

My shopping list:
- a clutch for new year's eve
- a bag for daily use
- pyjama pants
- eye lash curler
- a new wallet
- T-shirts

There are also some other shops at the mediacité. ( Oh really? I never noticed that, the primark-lovers say) I did find a clutch with a strap on it at New look (and Now I have two similar looking clutches...Shopaholic anyone?) I also bought and another bag, because my favourite bag (again one from primark) is totally wrecked. So I really needed one for daily use. My new obsession for bags is really getting over the top, but I guess it's just because I need to feel myself better after not getting that Michael Kors bag for christmas :)

But I am having some worries about  how exclusive Primark will still be, if there will be new primark stores in Ghent, Charleroi ( Or so I've heard ) and in Brussels. Everybody will have it then, and i think that then I'll be searching for a new brand. 

Here's an overview of what I bought:

pyjama pants form I love lounging (Primark)

detail pyjama pants

comfy sneakers from atmosphere (primark)

on the left: clutch from Atmosphere ( primark) on the right clutch with a strap from New look

Lovely luxuries eyeshadow, eyelash curler and  eye shadow applicators from Primark

Cupcake Earplugs

purse from Atmosphere

snake belt (primark)

sweather from atmosphere

Bag from New look

Hope you like it, Love D. 

zondag 10 november 2013

The astrid top

 Dear Readers

I didn't had the courage to put anything on but my pyjama's today,
So this time you'll just see the clothes on the hanger, It's a lazy sunday so can you blame me?
If there was anything that I was sure was then it was that I wasn't - without a doubt - going to buy something from the astrid by astrid Bryan collection.
Call it fate or whatever,  but there's a new zeb shop in my hometown. I was way too curious so I went for a peak. Most of the time I was laughing with the not so wel executed clothes of the astrid collection. But Then in a corner, there was this lovely black corset hanging and winking at me.
I tried it on, was really not sure about it, but the shoplady just really motivated me to buy it anyway. ( don't they all )
It's not really comfy, it's a corset duh,  but "amazingly' i could wear it all night without cursing all the time that it wasn't feeling okay on my skin.
Oh well, the pink details are a little over the top, but knowing astrid I could have been worse.
Not a big debute, ( or a second, havn't seen her collection for dany may ) But she did try.
Even tough a little bird told me evening wear is the new day wear. It's obviously nothing that you can't wear it daily.
Hope you like it, D

the roberts top.



zondag 6 oktober 2013

Outfit nr. 9512

Hey there lovely readers,

I promised to show you some things I bought in London,
I took me some time, but I finally got the time to shoot some outfits.
I went shopping with a friend this week, I wasn't planning to buy something, but If there's something that I know about shopping then It's when you need something, You'll never find it. And when You don't need anything, well yeah , you do. I bought this cute shirt at Zara. They don't Always have good quality, like  you can see on the more detailed picture of the shirt. But of course I didn't see that untill I got home. I'm still into green, as you can see. So take my advice, Don't follow the stereotypes and choose the colour you want. maybe It will suit you better than you thought.

Hope you like it, D

bag: Marc B bags, shoes: Aldo

blazer: Primark, shirt: Zara

donderdag 19 september 2013

Londen calling

Hey there lovely Readers

If you want to buy big, you gotta earn big, so that's the reason  I havn't been posting anything these last few weeks.
I had to save some money to spend it all in Londen.
What a place. forget NYC, forget Paris, London is the place to be for shopping.
I bought a lot, but not as much as I wanted to.
I only had three days, so I only went to oxford street and  I've done some sightseeing.
Some of you readers, might think it's way too plain to shop at Oxford street when you got so many excentric Lovely shops in East London. Well I didn't had the time, so I went for what I know.

If there was something I will remember for the rest of my life , then it's the Victoria's secret shop in New Bond Street, I felt like a little kid in a candy shop. It was quiet expensive, so I only bought some swimwear. I know were I'll spend my next paycheck on !

And of course, detailed outfits are yet to come !
Love, D

bag: Marc B. at Topshop

ballerina's: Aldo

scarf: Primark

Bikini: Victoria's secret

way too cute and cheap earrings at Primark

statement necklace: River island

blazer: Primark

coat: Primark

Cardigan: Primark